The Astley Hall Farmhouse, (upper gallery), has a permanent exhibition on the 'History & Heritage of the Town of Chorley', dating back to the Bronze Age, and to supplement this Exhibition, short term displays, of about three and a half months each, relating to various associated aspects of the Town are introduced; currently there is 'Churches & the Community', showing how the various churches link with the Community by the range of facilities and events they have promoted.
Some of the previous Exhibitions have been, 'Chorley's Old Halls, Past & Present', and the 'History of 'Buckshaw', from farmland through the ROF period, to the New Village. The title heading this item, 'Sporting Chorley', is to be the next supplementary Exhibition, starting in early October 2018, and continuing until the end of February 2019, in the Astley Farmhouse;
... and now the request... 
The Heritage Group wish to draw together, information and the loan of photographs memorabilia, etc., of ALL TYPES OF SPORT, from A to Z, associated with the Town Of Chorley, and for this, we require the help of the readers of this article. Obviously the amount we will be able to put on display, will be governed by available space for the overall Exhibition. We already have sufficient material related to Golf and Bowling, related to available space for the proposed display, but we would welcome information etc., on all other sports. There maybe one or two surprises at the Exhibition, when it emerges just how many truly International Sporting Personalities there are, and have been, from Chorley, who exemplify the phrase... 'SPORTING CHORLEY'
To contact us, email to OR Tel. 01257 276057