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The Heritage Group is always looking to the future to decide what aspect of the town’s heritage to display next in the Astley Farmhouse. The topics
we choose very much depend upon the material we can gather together and this is to some extent dictated by what the citizens of Chorley can provide for us. Of course the exhibition team carries out a great deal of research but we also need your input.

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see please contact us at the Farmhouse or the editoriall email paulturner836@btinternet.com.


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Update on the Forthcoming Sporting Chorley Exhibition

Today, Chorley is well served with sporting and leisure facilities catering for every taste and age. Over the years the town has... more information


The Astley Hall Farmhouse, (upper gallery), has a permanent exhibition on the 'History & Heritage of the Town of Chorley',... more information

January Newsletter 2018

Newsletter January 2018

Coal Mining in Chorley
The Group has been very fortunate in obtaining extra space for the months of... more information

Chorley Borough Map


Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. The Newsletter editor and the Membership Secretary will have access to contact details for members. These... more information


Here is a riddle; what do the following have in common; perfect vision, a short form of cricket and the four-hundredth anniversary of... more information

“Church and the Community in Chorley”

“Church and the Community in Chorley”

Have you or your family been involved in Walking Days, Uniformed Organisations, Church Fund... more information

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