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The Conferring of the Freedom of the Borough on 3 Medical Regiment

On Saturday 6th June 2015 St Laurence's Church hosted a special service at 10:15 am to celebrate the Conferring of The Freedom of the Borough on 3 Medical Regiment. The service commenced at 10:15 am in the presence of the Mayor of Chorley and her consort, the Commanding Officer of 3 Medical Regiment and his wife, and the Rt Hon Lindsay Hoyle,... more information

History of St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Euxton

The current school building was opened on 22nd May 1965, although we know that there has been a Catholic school in Euxton for over 175 years. In preparation for the school’s golden jubilee in 2015 the school prepared a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to research into our school’s history. Mrs Lee (the deputy head) and... more information

Leonora Carrington - Lancashire's Surrealist Painter

Leonora Carrington OBE, was a Lancashire-born artist, novelist, and surrealist painter. She was born on the 6th of April 1917 in Westwood House, Clayton-le-Woods; the family later moved to Crookhey Hall and Mansion near Lancaster, which is now a school with her paintings. Leonora was a feisty debutante from a very upper-class family, causing no... more information

The effects of shifting population over the centuries ... Cultures and Beliefs

The development of Chorley's rich heritage has over the ages included many new faces forming a rich tapestry of cultures, beliefs and languages. Over hundreds of years many have worked on national infrastructure building projects, in the mills, in industry and serving the community in a variety of ways; over the years many have departed... more information

CHCSG Constitution as adopted Wed 30th Nov 2011

Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group
1.  That this voluntary association be named the Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group

2.  That this association be open to all adults. Active volunteers under 18 years of age to be associate  members.

3. The aim of the association shall be... more information

The Church in Chorley

A brief introduction to the Church and its contribution to the Heritage of Chorley
It is impossible to consider the heritage of Chorley without recognising the interaction of the community with the Christian Church. From the Saxon period to the present day the Church has provided a focus for people to celebrate the significant events of... more information

The Chorley Photographic Society and its Relationship to the Chorley Heritage Centre

The Chorley Photographic Society — founded in 1896, running ever since and still at the forefront of local photography! ChorleyPS has grown in membership over the last few years and has been one of Lancashire’s quickest growing Photographic Clubs.
This is largely due to the varied and excellent programme of weekly... more information