Newsletter February 2021

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Thanks go to Richard Langford who looks after our digital requirements and has created the first of several posts on our Facebook page showcasing some photographs of old shops of Chorley provided by Ian Bagshaw. Each month further photos will be posted on an ever-changing theme.
As we now see an end in sight for lockdown and a return to normality it seems an ideal opportunity to dig into the group’s photographic archives and look back to our shops of yesteryear. The town’s current businesses have had an incredibly challenging 12 months and hopefully the vast majority will be able to reopen for business and look forward to more prosperous times.
If anyone recalls the shops or people who worked there, please do share your memories on Facebook or the website.

Myles Standish and The Mayflower 400
Although many of the celebrations commemorating the 400-year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to a new world have been postponed, we’re delighted to report that plans are still being made (and changed on a weekly basis!) for when current restrictions are lifted.
In November a socially distanced service commemorating Myles Standish’s role was held at St Laurence’s Church, Chorley. Please see the link below to view the Mayflower Thanksgiving Service.
A golf tournament and pageant at Duxbury are planned for early Summer. Fingers crossed that these will go ahead! Watch out for dates in the local press and Facebook.
Presentation of the Scroll by the UK Speaker of the House of Commons to the USA Speaker House of Representatives
As reported in October’s newsletter, an illuminated scroll sent for Thanksgiving as a gift from MPs to commemorate the journey made by the settlers 400 years ago was on its way over the Atlantic to be received by the US House of Representatives. Use the link below to see our own MP and Speaker of the House of Commons formally presenting the scroll by zoom, chatting to Nancy Pelosi and other members of the Senate.

Temporary Exhibition Venue!
Market Street, Chorley
You will be pleased to hear that we have a temporary exhibition venue at the premises which formally housed The Sue Ryder shop in Market Street, in the row between Bang Bang and Gillibrand Street. We have been able to mount boards in the shop window for the Myles Standish exhibition which was planned for Astley Hall before the pandemic struck.
You might also be interested to know about Tony Christopher's announcement of Mayflower year.
You may know of Tony as editor/manager of website and member of Working Party. He is a long-term devotee of local history and amasses incredible sources and knowledge. He was one of the main researchers at the time of the St Laurence History Society 2004-7 and instrumental in having Myles Standish Way named as it was.
The public information and educational side of the plan have been successfully forwarded. The exhibition concerns three key issues relating to Myles Standish’s life and work and is well worth visiting.
Our thanks go to everyone who helped in any way: staff at the Town Hall, Roger for transporting tables and boards, Bill, David, Lincoln and Michelle for setting up the display and, of course Jenny who maintained a great presence, organising and galvanising us into action. We are also very grateful to Ben Gilkes and the landlord who have enabled us to have an exhibition once again.

Ackhurst Lodge
The people of Chorley saw with great sadness that Ackhurst Lodge was under water yet again in January. Chorley Heritage Support Group had been offered use of the lodge to use for exhibitions and storage. Now we realise that refusing it was a very wise decision as many irreplaceable archives would have been lost.
What do you think should be done with this historical building?

History In Action
Teaching materials on The Pilgrim Fathers for Key Stage 2 learners are now at St James, Gillibrand, St Gregory and St Marie Standish schools. Below are pupils from St James will using the exhibition boards before Christmas to support their classwork and enhance their learning.

Myles Standish Booklets
In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and the part played by Myles Standish in the settlement of the Pilgrim Fathers, booklets have been produced and will be available in local public buildings as soon as restrictions lift. They are also going to be distributed to schools and care homes by the group once it is safe to do so.
Grateful thanks go to the Lottery Heritage Fund which has made the celebrations and production of important information possible.

St Chad’s Head Teacher’s Logbook
We are pleased to have been given a digital copy of St. Chad's Headteacher's logbook dated 1889-1963. This was in exchange for help and photographs given to the school to contribute to a project about Chorley's industrial heritage. Thanks go to current Headteacher, Mr Riley, who has given us a USB stick with photographs of each page of the school's oldest logbook.

Chorley’s Past in Photographs
A further addition to our archives has been a donation of copies of photos which were taken in the last 50 years of Chorley and the local area as it was then. These have been received with grateful thanks and have been digitised for our use. Look out for them over the coming months on our Facebook page and website.

Myles Standish Video
St Laurence’s Church will be one of the eventual Myles Standish exhibition sites and Julian Stretch is working on a virtual exhibition to introduce and support this. His video will be a partner to the introductory video that many people will have seen at Astley Hall or in the Library. These are stills taken during Justin Stretch's fieldwork with Bill Walker in preparation for the Mayflower 400 Video on St Laurence website.

Chorley Guardian Archive
The Albion, Chorley has been the temporary home of copies of The Chorley Guardian for several years. Thanks go to Chris Livesey for allowing us to keep them there. And a big thank you to Bill Walker and David Horsfield who took on the mammoth task of wrapping them in brown paper and polythene then transporting them just before Christmas. Thank you!