Chorley Heritage Centre Supporters Group

Chorley Heritage Centre Supporters Group
28 Sept 2011
Some Facts about the meeting
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Open Meeting 28th September 2011 The Aim of the meeting was to begin the process of organising The Chorley Heritage Centre Volunteer Supporters Group, to be fit for its objective role in the preservation and display of appropriate heritage materials and progressing towards its particular objective of establishing an Accredited Heritage Centre at the very kernel of the town, for website, self study, educative programmes for school age children and for individuals to gain accreditation in the field of Community Archives. The Supporters Group was also keen to acknowledge the huge and valuable amount of work achieved by like minded bodies and societies within the Chorley Borough; and would be delighted to work with such bodies in the interests of cheating the skip and furthering our joint aims in the preservation and permanent display of the Heritage of Chorley Borough.