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Actually a saucer 150mm diameter, which goes with a cup of same design. In the centre picture of Queen Victoria. above wreath with Jubilee 1887, Beneathinwreath Began to Reign June 20 1837.


Plate 230mm diameter with wavy edge. In centre picture of Chorley Parish Church, patern around edge in green.

Commemorative Cup

Cup inscribed in gold 'Primitive Methodist Bazaar Chorley1883'. Guilded rim and two rings around body of cup with flower design above inscription.

Chorley Chrysanthemum Society

The Society started life in 1884 when a group of the prominent local gentry formed the Chorley Chrysanthemum Society, holding flower shows in Chorley Town Hall & meeting at the Red Lion next...

Sir Henry Tate

An industrialist who had made his fortune as a sugar refiner, Henry Tate offered his collection of art to the nation on the condition that a gallery dedicated to British art was built. The son of...